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Lifestyle Changes Can Save You from Hypertension

By : Geetika Sachdeva

Hypertension or blood pressure is the measurement of the force by which heart pumps the blood against the walls of the arteries. If the force is high enough to damage the walls of the arteries then it is called high blood pressure.
People vulnerable to high blood pressure should clear out all the myths related to the high blood pressure. Some people misinterpret the symptoms of high blood pressure. Contrary to what all thinks, the high blood pressure doesn’t have symptoms. In short, it is asymptomatic disorder. There are five mythical symptoms often associated with the hypertension :
  • (1) Headache :
    If you have a headache it doesn’t mean you have high blood pressure. The headache can be caused because of numerous factors like upset stomach, inappropriate sleeping position, lack of sleep and more. High blood pressure will never cause you headache unless and until you are suffering with hypertensive crisis. Scientific researchers have shown that the incidences of headaches among the high blood pressure patients are quite less as compared to the people with normal blood pressure.

  • (2) Nose Bleeding :
    Nose bleeding has been yet another mythical symptom which should not be confused with high blood pressure. During a research on the high blood pressure patients, it was found that only 17% of the high blood pressure patients succumb to nose bleeding while 83% are not affected by it. One should try to understand that nose bleeding can take place because of a number of internal and external factors like dry air. In the hot climates, nose bleeding is quite common as the dry air damages the nasal membrane. Vigorous blowing of the nose is yet another reason causing the nose to bleed.

  • (3) Blood Spot in the Eye : Blood spots in the eyes are often spotted among the high blood pressure patients. But, high blood pressure is not the only cause behind the blood spots in the eyes. Often untreated high blood pressure causes damage to the optic nerve system.

  • (4) Facial Flushing : Facial flushing or redness of the face takes place when the skin of the face is exposed to the harsh climates like hot weather and sun exposure. Sometimes, emotional stress can also cause facial flushing. High blood pressure can also cause facial flushing, but not necessarily.

  • (5) Dizziness : Remember, medications for high blood pressure can cause dizziness, but the dizziness is not a symptom of high blood pressure. However, sudden dizziness and trouble walking can be the symptom of stroke.

Poor lifestyle is one of the major reasons behind ever growing cases of hypertension. Hypertension clubbed with other health problems can cause serious health issues. Few simple lifestyle changes can help in preventing hypertension and other diseases.

Correcting Lifestyle Habits:
  • (1) Shed Off Weight From Belly :
    Obese people have higher chances of getting affected by high blood pressure. By losing few kgs can help a lot in preventing high blood pressure. In fact, medications for treating high blood pressure works effectively with weight loss. Speak to your doctor and learn how much weight loss is beneficial for keeping high blood pressure at bay.

  • (2) Get Your Muscles Toned Up : Medication alone cannot help you in getting back to normal life. You need to pay special attention to your body. Working out on a daily basis can help in lowering the blood pressure by 4 to 9 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Exercise can also help you in preventing high blood pressure. However, patients with high blood pressure should consult doctors before picking up any exercise pattern. Aggressive exercising can prove bad for the health of the patients suffering from high blood pressure.

  • (3) Eat Healthy :
    Recall the golden days when you were young and your mother used to nag you for having fruits and vegetables. If you had had listened to your mother, at that time, then you might not have developed high blood pressure. But, it is not too late to start your healthy eating habits once again. The saying is old, but still holds ground, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

  • (4) Cut off the High Intake of Sodium :
    We often consume high quantity of sodium in the form of salt. Junk foods or fast foods are prepared using high level of sodium and when we add some more salt to make the food taste good, we indirectly put our health at risk. High intake of sodium is one of the direct causes of high blood pressure. To avoid consuming high salt it is better to maintain a track of what you eat also read the content of food items on the packaging before buying. This can help you in preventing high blood pressure.

  • (5) Just Say No to Alcohol :
    Excessive drinking or binge drinking is yet again one of the major reasons behind the ever growing cases of hypertension. But, it doesn’t mean to cut off from alcohol immediately. Lower the intake of the alcohol. Instead of indulging in binge drinking take small shots of alcohol twice or thrice in a week. A sudden cut off from alcohol can cause serious health problems.

The simple lifestyle changes can save you from the havoc of hypertension or high blood pressure. Patients suffering from hypertension are vulnerable to life threatening diseases. Cut off the chances of falling terribly sick by changing your lifestyle habits.